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The founders created the Retentus line initially to assist surgical staffs in providing optimal surgical exposure involving typically high BMI patients where excessive tissue interfered with the surgical site. The Retentus Traxi enables the surgical staff to quickly retract the panniculus in high BMI patients while preserving skin integrity, patient dignity and providing full access to the surgical site. Traxi eliminates tape and other suboptimal retraction methods. Traxi, which is sold exclusively by Laborie/Clinical Innovations, will easily retract the panniculus on patients up to 60 BMI when used in conjunction with the Retentus Extender. 

The team soon realized the need for a device to suspend the adipose of the high BMI patient over the incision, allowing it to heal properly. This requires a retractor to remain in place for extended periods of time while not affecting any dermal changes during post-op incisional care. Therefore, Retentus ABBy was created, and is also sold exclusively by Laborie/Clinical Innovations. The ABBy has proven effective in not only retracting the panniculus over an extended period of time, but also helped to reduce pain and improved patient satisfaction.

Next the team turned its efforts to wound care, as they saw the need for other applications for tissue stabilization, while eliminating the need for adhesive tape when covering the dressings of acute and chronic wounds.  The challenge here is securing the dressing for extended periods of time while not injuring the wound or periwound. Thus, DermaHug was born!  As we continued to refine the proprietary material that would not only secure dressings without tape, our new Blue Ultra fabric will also provide controlled compression and tension where needed.

Ultra Wound Care’s mission is to continue to design materials and wound care devices that assist the clinician in treating their patients while improving patient outcome.

Our Retentus Product Innovations

  • Traxi and the Extender
  • ABBy and ABBy Plus

UWC DermaHug Product Innovations

  • Blue Ultra
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