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“The DermaHug has significantly improved outcomes with some of my more complex patients… and the added compression significantly decreased their wound healing time. I would definitely recommend this product to surgery departments and Wound Care Clinics, as it could make a true difference in their patient care experience and outcomes.”

Raechel B.

Raechel B. PA-C, MPH, Minnesota

“I absolutely LOVE [wearing] the DermaHug instead of the hernia support belt.”

Ken. C


“DermaHug has worked great for my sister. Her Ostomy nurse is looking into purchasing it. They have many bariatric patients that she feels your product would help. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

Frances S.

RN, Louisiana

“We have used the DermaHug on patients who have had large pilonidal excisions and APR incisions. Whether a dressing was needed or not, the patients universally appreciated the dramatic increase in comfort when the buttocks were held together. They could sit & walk more comfortable throughout the healing process.” 

Also. . . “A patient who had a tape sensitivity was using an abdominal binder to secure a large dressing over a dehisced abdominal incision and found the binder very uncomfortable. We replaced the binder with DermaHug. The dressings were secured with no skin reaction and the patient was much more comfortable.”

Jan C.

FNP-C, CWOCN, CFCN, Minnesota

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