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What are the main features and benefits of DermaHug?
Features of DermaHug Material: Benefits Using DermaHug:
Flexible, comfortable material Adds compression to the wound and periwound
Extremely comfortable
Thick silicone gel Greatly reduces sheer forces
No dermal stripping
Protects the epidermis
Brushed nylon surface Provides a wearable anchor for canulas, catheters, ports, etc.
Can be modified or customized to the patient Optimizing the shape and size needed to accommodate the patient’s wound
Hydrophobic Creates a complete seal
Can be worn in the shower or bath
Single-patient reusable Clean and reapply
wear continuously for weeks
Use as a primary or secondary dressing Can be used as a combination dressing
Optimal moisture transmission rate (MVRT) Creates the correct environment for wound healing between the device and the patient’s skin
Hypo-allergenic, contains no latex No contact dermatitis
Do you send out samples?

We will send out a sample after collecting information about you, your needs, etc.  Please click on “Drop us a Note” at the bottom of the web page.

Is it sterile?


How much do they cost?

Pricing is available upon request.  Please “Drop us a Note” from the bottom of the web page to learn about pricing of the items.

Can I reapply it?

Yes. Just hand wash with a mild soap and water, rinse and pat dry. Then reapply. 

Can I bathe with it on?


How long can I wear it?

DermaHug products can be worn for 15 days or more.  If the edges start to fray, trim them away with a sharp scissors. 

What if it gets wet after it’s applied?

Once applied, the retractor is unaffected by fluids, because it is a complete vapor and moisture barrier.

What if it looses its tackiness?
Wash the silicone with a mild soap and water (with no lanolin or oils in the soap), pat dry and reapply. The tackiness will return.

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