10 x 18 Blue Ultra Tissue Stabilizer Wound Dressing Cover


Recommended for abdominal wall reconstruction and other large wounds. Can be modified for ostomy bag comfort and skin protection

  • Single-patient reusable
  • DermaHug material can be customized to the patient

  • Adjustable, can remove & reapply for wound care & dressing changes

  • Durable, can be worn consistently up to 2 weeks or more

  • Hydrophobic – can be worn in the shower

  • Safely secure your dressing without tape
  • Clean with soap/water, air dry, reapply

  • Consistent high patient satisfaction

  • Due to the nature of the product as a medical device, returns are not permitted.  We will be happy to refund or replace defective products. Contact Ultra Wound care at customerservice@ultrawoundcare.com

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 18 in

Please call for pricing.

The extended wearable that is easy to apply

The DermaHug device can be worn continuously for 2 weeks or more.  It is hydrophobic and may be worn in the bath or shower.  It can be adjusted, removed and reapplied.  If soiled, it may be removed; hand-washed with mild soap and water, rinsed with water, patted dry or allowed to air dry, then reapplied. 

It can be trimmed to fit for creative applications.  All you need is sharp scissors!

Patients love wearing the DermaHug.  It is extremely comfortable, conforms to body contours and does not bind in clothing.  Once removed, there is no residue.   

And . . . most importantly, it DOES NOT cause contact sensitivity reaction or skin stripping.

Trusted by wound care professionals and patients around the country.

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