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Ostomy Leak Containment System

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User Benefits

The DermaHug OS-Care Ostomy Leak Containment System Drastically Reduces the Frequency of Leaks

External leaks are reduced since they are contained under OS-Care’s Silicon Polymer.

If the ostomy appliance loosens, patients have time to correct the problem before the leak soils clothing.

The OS-Care is reusable: Simply wash with non-lotion soap and water and allow to dry. It reapplies with the same tack each time it’s cleaned.

With over four years’ use on patients, there have been no skin stripping or contact dermatitis with DermaHug devices.

User Feedback

The DermaHug OS-Care Ostomy Leak Containment System is Receiving Positive User Feedback:

Security: “If the ostomy appliance loosens it protects me from leakage and gives me time to respond and avoid the possibility of an embarrassing leak.”

Confidence: “I am now able to go out and enjoy things without the fear of a leak. It gives me my life back.”

Comfort: “The device is very comfortable. I don’t even know it’s next to my skin.”

Cost Effective: “I love the fact that it’s reusable. I can wash it in warm soapy water and reapply once it’s dry.”

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