DermaHug is intended for use on patients with incisional or chronic wounds. When applied, the stabilizing device covers the wound dressing and holds the margins of the wound in compression.

The DermaHug was originally intended for use on patients with pilonidal cysts, but can be used for other incisional or chronic wounds. DermaHug products can be worn continuously for 14 days. DermaHug is hydrophobic; it can be worn in the bath or shower. It is removable, and can be reapplied. lf soiled, it should be removed and washed with mild soap and water, rinsed with water, allowed to dry, and then reapplied.

One product to safely secure all your dressings without tape

  • Easy to use. Just remove backing & apply. That’s it!

  • Protects wound from moisture

  • Can be worn in the shower

  • Potentially reduces pain

  • Reduces shear forces acting on the wound

  • Stabilizes and protects newly healed wounds

  • Decreased incidence of dehiscence

  • Will not harm the dermis

  • Can be trimmed to fit custom applications

  • Silicone tackiness does not cause  contact sensitivity reaction or skin stripping

  • Cost effective

  • Keeps dressing in place WITHOUT tape

  • Adjustable, can be removed & reapplied for wound care & dressing changes

  • Durable, can be worn up to 2 weeks or more

  • Easily forms to patients’ contours

  • Easily cleans with soap/warm water, air dry, reapply

  • Consistent high patient satisfaction

  • Less time to change dressings/

  • Normalizes patient for day to day activities vs. tape

DermaHug is an advanced wound care dressing cover solution that is:

  • Comfortable

  • Reusable

  • Tapeless

  • Cost effective

  • Hospital and home use

  • Easy to use

  • Less intrusive

Several sizes and shapes

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