Incision separation and dehiscence can be due to peri-incision skin tension related to body location, body habitus, and tissue mobility. This incisional separation can cause pain and delays in healing. Caring for patients after surgical repairs such as bariatric abdomen, abdominal/peritoneal resection and pilonidal cysts can be challenging because incisions are prone to separation due to location, tension, and patient movement.


The device is simple a peel and place action. In our patients we applied it over dressings such as alginates, foams and gauze. Application can replace the use of tape or other adhesive securement. No skin preparation was used.


At one of our clinical sites, DermaHug was used on a total of 74 patients. In the patients where incisions had separated, the clinicians were able to achieve healing by applying wound care principles as tension was being consistently eliminated. In the patients who had a potential for incision disruption, the prevention of skin tension provided the incision the support to heal properly. Our patient population includes colon and rectal surgery, general surgery, orthopedic, and podiatry.


DermaHug can be safely applied to peri-incision skin to prevent incision separation and support the healing of complex wounds where an incision has occurred. The financial benefit to this product is that it can be worn for several weeks, is washable and will allow for repeated changing of wound therapies.

After thousands of applications and reapplications, a major patient benefit is that it has not injured even the most fragile skin. And, as DermaHug is hydrophobic, patients can shower with the device on. 

Patient satisfaction is high!

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