In light of financial implications, Patient Satisfaction has become an important element in product and procedure selection. Every clinic is concerned about adding cost to any procedure. When utilized, DermaHug actually reduces costs while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction. 

When utilized, DermaHug actually reduces cost while improving patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, because it can be worn continuously for several weeks.

When soiled, it can be removed, washed with mild soap and water, allowed to dry and reapplied. DermaHug is made of a siliconized nylon/spandex material. It was originally designed to aid healing of pilonidal cyst incisions. It is intended to go over the sterile wound dressing covering the incision, DermaHug acts like a shock absorber, stabilizing tissue and minimizing movement around the wound. Most importantly, because DermaHug minimizes movement, fibroblasts remain intact. Patients report being significantly more comfortable when the DermaHug has been used.


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